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The application shows the most beneficial taxi in any city. When ordering transport, you choose the car and the fare.

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Our mission

"To give the opportunity to customers of passenger and cargo transportation to communicate with the service performers directly without any restrictions, no intermediaries and none additional costs (temporary and financial).

As well as to create a quality taxi service, no unreasonable price dumping. WebTaxi.mobi: Profitable for everyone - Beneficial to everyone!"

Dmytro Rakitianskyi - CEO, Founder

What is WebTaxi.mobi?

The WebTaxi service is a system that connects the provider and consumer of transport services directly. Simply put, this is a system for ordering transport without intermediaries. The system consists of two applications: WebTaxi Driver is an application for transport drivers, and WebTaxi Client is an application for customers, and both are collectively users of the system.

How it works?

Start screen

  • Very simple greeting form with a minimum set of required data to explore the service;
  • Acceptance of the terms of use is a requirement to start using the service;
  • The ability to test the application without entering any personal data;

Interactive assistance

  • The client application has a huge set of features and functions;
  • Service provides interactive assistance to explore the main features of each screen;
  • It is recommended to learn the basic features of each screen for the most effective use of the application;

Order a taxi

  • Simple form with no additional information;
  • You can select the car category and class;
  • By default, if you have the GPS installed the departure location will be detected automatically;
  • Specify the destination on the map, enter the address manually or select it from the favorite places list;
  • Additional trip options and complete control over the trip cost;
  • One-click order;

Favorite places list

  • You can select addresses from the favorite places list specifying the location of departure and destination;
  • Quick and easy address entry into the favorite places list;

Address search

  • Quick search in the address database with category indication;
  • Automatic nearest addresses search when rectifying the current address;
  • You can specify the entrance number and enter comments to the existing destination;

Order route

  • You can add up to 4 destinations;


  • The left sliding menu provides quick access to all sections of the application;
  • It is recommended to learn all the features of each section, and thus using the service effectively;
  • If you like the app, do not forget to rate it and recommend it to your friends;
  • After the service being registered, the partnership program is activated, according to which, if 3 users registered in the service through your affiliate link, you will receive a 13% discount for every 5 orders, if there will be 5 or more attracted users, you will get the 15% discount for every 5 orders;


  • Very simple registration form with a minimum set of required data;
  • Received SMS code scanning and automatic phone number entry;
  • Integration with Viber makes in possible to make free calls;

Car data

  • Extended information about the selected driver and his car
  • Grouping information on the importance - the most important in sight
  • 10% discount for each trip
  • An opportunity to evaluate the quality of services of the selected driver
  • You can cancel the order and communicate with the driver using your phone or Viber;

Detailed cost calculation

  • The service provides a detailed report to give you the detailed information about the parameters and options based on which the current trip cost was calculated;
  • The detailed report displays all surcharges and discounts for the selected driver as well as the service rules;
  • The detailed report allows you to explain the whole process of cost calculation to the client in order to avoid any conflicts;

Waiting for the car

  • Vehicle arrival timer with countdown;
  • Voice support of important messages and notifications;
  • Monitoring of late arrival of the driver;

Client security

  • The presence of an alarm button in the extended information about the driver;
  • An option to send an "SOS message" to your relatives and friends with relevant information; such as name and phone number of the driver, car number, trip route etc;
  • Make sure your trip is safe! Check the data of the ordered vehicle in the application with actual vehicle; car model, color and vehicle plate number!

Order history

  • The order history stores the data of the driver who performed the order, so that the client could contact him in case any belongings were accidentally left in the car;
  • Orders older than 1 week are automatically removed from the history;
  • You can access the active order data either through the system notification or from the order history;

Whatever transportation you need
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Taxi, taxi wagon, truck, minibus, technical assistance, or air taxi - WebTaxi.mobi will arrange any transportation you need in two clicks.

Mobile application WebTaxi.mobi

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