Business model

The general idea of WEBTAXI, INC. dba GIG is to provide the global taxi and trucking services based on the Internet platform facilitating different types of transportation services. This service just connects vehicle owners with the customers and does not participate in mutual settlements between drivers and passengers not setting service’s own tariffs. The payment for services between the participants of the service takes place without the participation of WEBTAXI, INC. dba GIG.

WEBTAXI, INC. dba GIG secures the complete independence of the drivers from corporations and taxi companies; up to 100% of the current costs reduction bringing the opportunity to work independently performing clients’ bookings anywhere around the world at their own tariffs.

With the considerably higher earnings, drivers can repair cars easily without getting overdriven, which drastically affects the improvement of traffic safety. All that was mentioned above creates the favorable emotional environment for the system promoting the harmonization of relations between the taxi market units and love from the market.

In December 2015 the patent “The way of creating a unified automated information space for transport services” was obtained in accordance with which this service was created.

WEBTAXI.MOBI - brings a brand new paradigm to the transportation networking and information system industry.