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Working through our application, you work with all the clients of your city at once, and you don’t depend on any taxi service. Also, you can register yourself wherever you are.

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Our Mission

To make taxi personalized, dominated by people, not companies, by empowering both service providers and customers of the passenger and freight taxi industry to communicate directly with each other - without constraints, intermediaries, or additional costs, and to create a great taxi service beneficial for everyone.

WebTaxi: "We create a taxi industry without intermediaries."

Dmytro Rakitianskyi - CEO, Founder

What is

WebTaxi is a P2P SaaS platform that connects directly the provider and consumer of transport services. When ordering a transportation, passengers get the opportunity to travel at prices programmed by the tender, as well as always having an available car in any area, due to the fact that the order simultaneously reaches almost all taxi drivers in your city (and not one service or company) located within a specific radius area where the client is located. At the same time, the functionality allows you to start/end an auction and issue tender prices instantly and simultaneously with the same button to order a car (without wasting time, because everything happens at the same moment when the order is placed). At the same time, the client application serves both main categories of customers - both those for whom the cost of the trip is important, and those for whom time is important.

How it works?

Start screen

  • To familiarize yourself with the service, specify your phone number which is considered as your unique service account identifier;
  • Acceptance of the terms of use is a requirement to start using the service;
  • Always indicate the phone number of the country which you are currently in!

Personal info

  • Service registration consists of 7 steps with a minimum set of required fields;
  • Registration process is quick since most of the customizable parameters are automatically selected for the region where you are located;
  • Most of the parameters can be skipped or configured later, once the registration is completed;
  • Integration with Viber as well as three additional contacts allows the client to contact you in the most convenient way;


  • Automatic GPS location detection;
  • You can specify your location on the map if GPS is disabled;
  • Automatic loading of your city map;

Car data

  • You can select the type, class, brand, model and color of a car. This selection is automatic to simplify the entry of the required data;
  • Make sure to enter the registration plate correctly as it might result in a client confusion as client may refuse to trip with you due to security reasons since the license plate number of a real car does not match the license plate number of the car specified in the order data or SMS message;

Car picture

  • Have in mind that not all clients know what your car brand looks like. Therefore, upload your car picture to make it easier for the client to recognize your car;
  • The service may set the standard picture of the car that you specified in the previous step to facilitate the registration process;
  • It is recommended to upload your own pictures instead of using standard ones, by this you make your car identity unique;

Car costs

  • To evaluate the efficiency of your taxi work, it is necessary to take into account not just incomes but also expenses of this specific work. The main expenditure items working with fixed subscription model is the car maintenance costs;
  • Since the fuel cost is constantly changing, you need to choose the fuel station where you regularly refuel your car so that the fuel cost will be automatically updated on the daily basis;
  • In case the costs calculation process is too complicated or you just do not want to do it, you can skip this step, but then your expenses will not be reflected in the shift performance report;

Rate type selection

  • The service offers several types of rates for drivers that can be effective in certain cities to make your taxi work more profitable;
  • The rate type can be changed during a work shift if you change the city you work in;

Main rate

  • For your convenience, the default values of the rate parameters are automatically selected for your region and car class;
  • It is recommended to change only those rate parameter values that do not correspond to your operation mode;
  • Rate parameters are applied only to the taximeter orders and for orders placed from the client application;
  • Taxi agencies that are the service technical partners apply their own rates calculating the trip cost;

Additional options

  • For the greatest efficiency and competitiveness, the service offers additional options of the main rate;
  • To compensate your costs for working in bad weather conditions, on holidays or during peak hours, specify the additional surcharge to the main rate;
  • In addition to surcharges, you can also indicate discounts on the additional options. Your earnings will be greater due to the total turnover but not due to separate orders;

Additional services

  • If your car has a WIFI or child seat, you can specify it in the additional services list;
  • Additional services may be paid and free of charge;
  • You can specify a surcharge for paid additional services, set a discount or make it free;

Data verification

  • After completing the 7 steps of service registration, you will be able to verify all the data entered;
  • If necessary, adjust the incorrect data and complete the registration;

Interactive assistance

  • The driver application has a huge set of features and functions;
  • Service provides interactive assistance to explore the main features of each screen;
  • It is recommended to learn the basic features of each screen for the most effective use of the application;


  • After the successful registration the work window opens each time you start the application;
  • Before you start, you can edit the basic work settings of your account;
  • We recommend running the work demonstration to learn about the order accepting procedure;
  • To open a new shift, click "START WORK";

Active work

  • Once you started, the application displays your current location on the map;
  • The area of the city in which the orders will be available for you is determined by the visibility radius that you specified in your rate setting;
  • The current balance indicators, the end time of the current work day and the current city allow you to manage your work process;
  • After starting your work, you can launch a taximeter to perform the order at your rate;

Order list

  • Client and partner orders are displayed in this list upon receipt;
  • The compact order form displays only the most important information;
  • For more information about the order, click on the block.

Detailed cost calculation

  • The service provides a detailed report to give you the detailed information about the parameters and options based on which the current trip cost was calculated;
  • The detailed report displays all surcharges and discounts for the selected driver as well as the service rules;
  • If an issue is raised with regards to trip cost, then the detailed report allows you to explain the whole process of cost calculation to the client or to the driver in order to avoid any conflicts;


  • Built-in taximeter allows you to apply your own trip rate;
  • GPS receiver is required for a taximeter correct work;
  • If you use additional services during the trip, enter the name of this service for the taximeter cost recalculation;

Shift results

  • When you finish your work the service displays a brief report of the current shift;
  • The report displays the net profit and parameters on the basis of which this profit was obtained;
  • To minimize errors in the process of report creation, always adjust the ultimate trip cost if the client gave you a tip and specify the correct car maintenance costs;


  • The left sliding menu provides quick access to all sections of the application;
  • It is recommend to learn all the features of each section to use the service effectively;
  • If you like the app, do not forget to rate it and recommend it to your friends;


  • It is recommended to monitor the status of your balance to keep it always positive for more effective service use;
  • If the balance status is not updated automatically, refresh it manually;

Add funds to balance

  • To add funds to your balance specify the amount in national currency;
  • After clicking "ADD FUNDS" the service will transfer you to the payment gateway where you can make financial transactions;
  • Card numbers, one-time passwords and identifiers, etc. are entered only on the payment gateway which ensures the required personal data security. does not request this data from you and is not responsible for their use;

Payment gateway

  • The payment gateway provides both cash (through terminals) and non-cash payment methods (using bank cards);
  • The currency and direction of the payment depend on your current location;
  • After successful payment the sound notification will be played and your balance will be increased by the amount of the recent payment;

Balance accounting

  • The service provides a detailed report on the funds movement for the easy balance monitoring;
  • If you have questions about your balance, it is recommended to look at this report;

Partnership program

  • In addition to the standard balance replenishment our service offers bonus programs that allow you adding funds to your balance by promoting the service;
  • The driver will receive 50% of the daily use fee for sending a link to the client or driver application immediately after the new user registration;
  • Actively invite other taxi drivers to join our service and receive bonus for each invitation. The more you invite the higher the bonus will be!;

Service messages

  • To quickly inform drivers about news or changes, uses service messages
  • In order to keep abreast of all events, we strongly recommend, that all drivers from time to time should review all service messages

We invite all drivers to use the application

If you are a taxi owner, taxi-general, truck, minibus, technical assistance or air transport, then using you will always be with the client

Mobile application

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and you will get unlimited access to direct orders from customers and taxi companies!

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