Work without borders

Working through our application, you work with all the clients of your city at once, and you don’t depend on any taxi service. Also, you can register yourself wherever you are.

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Our mission

"To give the opportunity to customers of passenger transportation and cargo transportation to communicate with performers directly without any restrictions, intermediaries and additional (temporary and financial) costs. Create a quality taxi service that does not destroy the market with unreasonable price dumping and it is not a regular financial pyramid" Profitable for everyone - Beneficial to everyone! "

Dmytro Rakitianskyi - CEO, Founder

What is

The WebTaxi service is a system that connects the provider and consumer of transport services directly. Simply put, this is a system for ordering transport without intermediaries. The system consists of two applications: WebTaxi Driver is an application for transport drivers, and WebTaxi Client is an application for customers, and both are collectively users of the system.

How it works?

Driver registration

  • Fast, but mandatory registration with a minimum set of mandatory fields: phone number (will be used as login), code from the verification sms, driver's name and password
  • Possibility of autogeneration of the password with the subsequent sending by means of sms
  • Ability to specify up to 4 additional phone numbers

Minimal settings

  • To get started, you need to configure the minimum settings: add information about your car, specify your location and choose the additional services that you plan to provide
  • If GPS is available, your location will be determined automatically
  • Additional services can be installed later

Adding a car

  • When adding a car, you need to select the category, class, body type and color from the list
  • Make the mark and license plate are entered manually
  • When you enter the license plate, be careful - if you make a mistake, the customer can refuse to travel with you because of security rules violations
  • Not all customers know what your brand of car looks like, so download a photo of your car so that it's easier for a client to find you

Your location

  • If there is GPS on your device, you can activate the automatic detection of your location
  • If there is no GPS device, you can set the location manually
  • To enter your location, there are options for entering addresses, directions on the map and selecting from the history of locations

Working window

  • After adding information about the car and indicating your location, you can start the shift and take orders
  • To get acquainted with the service you have the opportunity to execute 1 free order
  • If you are not ready to accept orders at the moment, do not forget to set the status "I'm busy"
  • To end the work, click "End shift"

All possible options

  • for drivers provides a huge range of additional options and opportunities for comfortable work
  • To access these capabilities on the left, there is a pull-down menu in the application
  • The main sections of the menu: WORK, PAYMENTS, SETTINGS, CABINET and FEEDBACK
  • For effective work in the service, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these opportunities

Tariff settings

  • After registration in the service, you are set tariffs by default
  • To set tariffs, go to the SETTINGS -> My Tariffs menu
  • Set the radius of visibility to clients, the main, additional and declared tariffs
  • After clicking "Save" your customers will order your services already at the new tariffs

Your location on the map

  • In order to find out how your customers see you. Use the OPERATION -> My Location
  • On this screen, the application will display your location and the location of other drivers that are within your reach
  • The radius of visibility is the radius of your visibility for clients
  • Visualization of radius allows to estimate the client, from what areas of the city clients can take advantage of your services

Balance replenishment

  • For full-fledged work in the service to accept direct orders from customers and taxi companies, your balance should have enough funds
  • To replenish the balance, you need to replenish the WebMoney check and go to the recharge screen: PAYMENTS -> Add to balance
  • After specifying the amount of replenishment and selecting your phone number, you must refill the balance (For detailed instructions, click "WebMoney Instructions")
  • In addition to the WebMoney check allows you to replenish your balance with the help of fast-deposit terminals

Mining balance

  • In addition to the usual replenishment of the balance, offers bonus programs that allow you to replenish the balance by helping to develop the service
  • Mining balance - one such program: sending a link to the client or driver application the driver will receive 50% of the daily subscription fee at the time of registration of a new user of the service
  • To use this bonus program, go to PAYMENTS -> Mining balance

Built-in analytics

  • takes care of the performance of drivers who use this service
  • offers built-in analytics to evaluate the performance of each driver
  • provides statistics of the use of the service, the calculation of profits, the history of replenishment and the withdrawal of money from the balance

Service messages

  • To quickly inform drivers about news or changes, uses service messages
  • In order to keep abreast of all events, we strongly recommend, that all drivers from time to time should review all service messages

Any transport for you

Taxi, taxi wagon, truck, minibus, technical assistance or air taxi - will find for you any transport in two clicks

Mobile application

Install the free mobile application for your smart phone or tablet

and you will get unlimited access to direct orders from customers and taxi companies!

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