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Company history

Back in 1957 Rob Michael Klimrod made a crucial decision to create a computer network, which would reliably unite all his businesses in order to solve problems faster.

This network was further transformed into the digital world which the King dreamt about. That was the world without governments but with opened standards and the lighting fast access to different types of data, brining people to the higher level of being allowing its society to live a full life interacting with each other in the age of high-speed. This brand new world was consequently named ARPALET.

Having faced the virtual world in 2012, Reb saw the websites of numerous organizations and in proper King’s fashion, not just made an instant assessment of the global business situation at the geopolitical level but also considered its potential prospects. The King began transforming things he saw online into the innovative ideas intended to change our world.

When he got back to reality he had a complete understanding of what is to be done as well as how to achieve that. Another company of his ownership called Master Of was established within two days.

The King managed to invent the worldwide service for taxi and cargo trucking industry.

In fact, being a business philosopher of an international level, Reb Klimrod created a new style of consumption and set the new market rules in contrary to the traditional principles.

His secret consists in the universal nature of his methods, i.e. they work with various kinds of audience and when we have more than enough for everything it is available for all at the same time. This service gets more accessible for business purposes and the personalized interpersonal relations become a key factor in the field of communication.

Business model

The general idea of WebTaxi, INC is to provide the global taxi and trucking services based on the Internet platform facilitating different types of transportation services. In short, WebTaxi, INC just links vehicle owners with their potential customers. Payments are made between users of this service without any intermediation.