Working with paid services

To familiarize yourself with how the "Webtaxi Driver" App works, then you are provided with a starting balance in the amount of the daily subscription fee of the service.

Add funds to balance

  • To add funds to your balance specify the amount in national currency;
  • After clicking "ADD FUNDS" the service will transfer you to the payment Interkassa gateway where you can make financial transactions;
  • Card numbers, one-time passwords and identifiers, etc. are entered only on the payment gateway which ensures the required personal data security. does not request this data from you and is not responsible for their use;

Payment gateway

  • The payment Interkassa gateway provides both cash (through terminals) and non-cash payment methods (using bank cards);
  • The currency and direction of the payment depend on your current location;
  • After successful payment the sound notification will be played and your balance will be increased by the amount of the recent payment;

Withdraw rules

You can not receive new bookings as your balance is less than our daily service use fee (according to tariff model). You should add the required amount to your account in order to continue using the service with all functions available. You also can invite a new user, which will use webtaxi service and can get bonus for this invitation. You can use your bonuses to continue using the service with all functions available (according to tariff model).

You can open the application for free not starting a new shift in order to change certain settings without paying for that.

In accordance with the basic principle of our service “Pay for the time you work for!”

every time you login for the first time on a current day from the start of the new shift the daily use fee will be withdrawn from your pocket (according to tariff model).

In case you will open and close the new shift repeatedly within the 24 hours period this daily fee will not be withdrawn from your account.

To receive payments at the territory of CIS employs WebMoney electronic payment system. For other regions and countries the PayPal money transfer system is used.

Add funds to your account and join the service used by the thousands of people these days!

Basic terms

To open a shift – to begin working with the application receiving the new bookings from clients.

Use fee – the amount of money paid by the Customer (driver) for using the platform by adding funds to his/her own account.

Interkassa payment gateway.

Customer or Payer (Driver) any person or a legal entity that has accepted the public agreement of for the use of the present platform paying the use fee to on a permanent, periodic or once-only basis.

The payment system receives payments from the Customer in favor of only if the the Customer provided the information which uniquely identifies him in the accounting system (electronic pocket number, personal account number etc.).

Payments for the transportation services between the users of our service are made without any intermediation of platform. 199011441964